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Pie Iron Ham, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Start your day of camping with this filling and easy breakfast sandwich cooked in a pie iron over the campfire.

Ingredients Needed to Make a Breakfast Sandwich in a Pie Iron

Makes 2 servings

1 roll of crescent dough

4 slices of ham

2 slices of cheese

2 eggs

1 T. butter

How to Make a Breakfast Sandwich in a Pie Iron Over a Campfire


  1. Grease pie iron with butter.

  2. Cut crescent dough to fit your pie iron.

  3. Place dough in the bottom of the pie iron and add 2 slices of ham, and 1 slice of cheese.

  4. Crack egg and place on top of cheese and top with crescent dough. Close the lid to the pie iron and cook over hot coals until golden brown.

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